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12/3/03- More updates ĖAlex

Iím uploading more coins today. The grand opening of this site is Friday (Iím sure youíre all very excited!) Anyway, so Iíd better get to work finishing everything up if itís going to be done by the due dateÖ

Not the whole collection is going to be put up. Thereís still 70 or so more coins, but scanning them is a lot of workÖ Donít worry, youíll be able to see them eventually, just not on Friday.


11/20/03- I made a news page! -Alex

The site is still in development, Iím working on it! The news page here allows you to see that Iím not just sitting around, and also allows me to make links to various parts of the site, instead of just directly linking you the coin directory. Also, you will always know if there is an update. Isnít that nice of me? ;)